this ended up sounding so romantic but I actually was thinking about my best friends so whatever
  1. stay up late and dissect every song on your favorite albums and talk about how the lyrics and the musical aspects hold hands
  2. buy you that disgusting gelato you love so much
  3. sing in front of you and play piano for you and show you the things I write but I won't show anyone else because not everyone will respect me quite like you
  4. answer your phone calls past midnight because I know those are the most important ones
  5. remember your birthday every year, even if we don't talk. I'll still remember your birthday
  6. go shopping and look at succulent plants with you and decide which would look best in your window
  7. remember your favorite tea and always have some in my house for you
  8. go to every concert you invite me to regardless of if I don't even know/hate the artist because I love concerts (and you)
  9. respect you, even if we have a huge falling out and we pretend to forget each other. I'll respect all the things you trust me with. when I say "your secret is safe with me" that promise is eternal. twenty years from now I still won't tell a soul.