Inspired by @hpryfogle
  1. correspondence (a fiction) by Levi the Poet
    I swear I'm not a spoken word poetry hipster beanie person I swear but man I like this guy. I just bought tickets to see him in June because I'm a trash can
  2. it's real by real estate
    first heard this song in that movie with the old man called Intern and then it was recommend by a friend
  3. this unruly mess i've made by macklemore and ryan lewis
    I'm genuinely sry about this you can degrade me and tell me I'm a terrible person but,,,, it's good
  4. spirits by the strumbellas
    man it's just good that's all that there is to it
  5. in search of elusive little comets by little comets
    imagine walk the moons first album but with a weird weird voice (in a good way?? idk)
  6. get it by matt and kim
    this song is in that one energetic cruise commercial that plays all the time and it's upbeat and exciting and summery and fun I love it
  7. vessel by twenty one pilots
    but let's be real I've been listening to this since I came fresh out the womb
  8. never trust a happy song by grouplove
    only because this is my summer album and summer is right around the corner