1. to teachers that don't cut corners and pour themselves into their lessons, recognizing how important it id
  2. to teachers that take extra steps to form a strong connection and bond, being somebody that a student knows they can trust and rely on
  3. to teachers that make school a safe place for kids that have a just disastrous home life, and teachers that make students want to come to school
  4. to teachers that care more about their students than the school system that gives them a paycheck. teachers who work to go beyond the standards and standardized tests and make sure their students have a good education
  5. to teachers that allow their discussions to be open minded and ensure that their debates are fair and everyone's opinion is heard. teachers who teach their students that their opinion has value from a young age.
  6. to teachers that teach their students to love learning and to love themselves
  7. to any teacher that has ever cared