1. even if someone with autism isn't looking at you, responding to you, or acknowledging in any way, they are most likely still listening to and understanding you
  2. autism causes people to have issues with their senses. when the senses get overwhelmed, this is called "sensory overload"
    sensory overload is a very scary experience that can strike at any time. everything that the senses take in becomes blown way out of proportion. what may look like a light to you is like the sun for them, plus the deafening buzz of the electricity in the light. this can cause them to shut down emotionally and "blow up."
  3. like anyone else, autistic people feel the desire to belong, to form relationships with those around them. it's very difficult for them to make friends, especially non verbal people. but they certainly want to be liked by their peers.
  4. autistic people also want to be treated just like you would treat other friends. if they grab your arm every time they try to make contact with you, treat the situation like you would with any other friend. "dude, what are you doing?"
  5. it's a lot harder for many people with autism to make words from their many thoughts. when you speak to an autistic person, be patient with questions and give them time to form their answers
  6. people with autism, specifically teenagers, don't want or need to be babied. they want to be treated like a friend, not a child or younger sibling.
  7. people with autism are humans and deserve respect like everyone else. respect their eating habits, their quirks, all the things that make them unique.