Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. so it was 4am
  2. I was sick with a minor cough just sitting scrolling on my laptop
  3. i found myself on the website for this band I saw in April called the griswolds
  4. and they had a tab with tumblr q&a's where people just sent in questions and they posted the answers on their site
  5. so I sat in my bed coughing miserably and scrolling through that q&a page
  6. and then I came across this question: "do you like twenty one pilots"
  7. this piqued my interest bc im twenty one pilots asf so im like "🆗 lets see"
  8. and the answer was just "who? that's too many pilots for this spaceship"
  9. me, delirious in illness and cough medicine, I start CHOKING LAUGHING LIKE IM ALONE AT 4AM IN MY BED LAUGHING MY ASS OFF AT THIS LAME ASS JOKE
  12. and suddenly I legitimately can't stop and my lungs kinda shut off so I'm still laughing at this dumb joke but also im choking
  13. I cough like crazy and start looking for my inhaler, spitting and throwing up on myself and my blankets
  14. I stumble across the room to my desk and pick up my inhaler *LITERALLY NOT GETTING AIR BUT STILL KINDA LAUGHING FML WHAT THE HELL*
  15. I shove the inhaler in my mouth and sit on the ground taking deep breaths until I can chill out, catching my breath and trying to wipe off all the spit on my arms
  16. after that I went to bed but YEAH I STILL LAUGH ABOUT THIS