Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. I was 5 years old
  2. my older brother was 9 years old
  3. a Mother's Day school assignment had resulted in him giving my mother a hersheys kiss
    it was a poem on a card that had a hersheys kiss taped to it
  4. Mother's Day had been about three months ago, and the chocolate was still there
  5. so one day, I snapped
  6. I ate her symbolic Mother's Day hersheys kiss
  7. a few hours later, she discovered
  8. and I was wrecked with guit
  9. she asked me if I had eaten the hersheys kiss
  10. with chocolate on my lip I stuttered out a "no" and ran upstairs to where my brother was in the bathroom brushing his hair
  11. I began furiously brushing my teeth to get the chocolate out
  12. my brother, also knowing i had eaten the chocolate, demanded to know why I was brushing my teeth
  13. toothpaste running down my chin, I shrugged and replied "I just want some fresh breath"
  14. eventually I owned up to my shame and admitted my crime. the guilt sticks with me to this day.