my debut album titled "the list app ruined my life"
  1. Intro- When Will @bjnovak Notice Me
    no vocals, just sad violin music
  2. I'm Falling (With My Grades)
    the chorus is just "I'm Falling!"x6 followed by a scream of "WITH MY GRADES"
  3. Interlude 1- He Still Hasn't Noticed Me
    still no vocals and to the same tune as intro. this time there's strong drums and an electric guitar at the big parts.
  4. Mascara All Over My Eyelid
  5. I Wish That I Was At A Concert
  6. Interlude 2- @bjnovak 🙃
    find a way to say this title out loud. again this follows the same melody as intro and interlude 1 but now there's electric guitar throughout the whole song and a featuring track from Kanye West
  7. Money (It's How You Get My Love)
  8. Where Am I
  9. Interlude 3- I See How It Is @bjnovak
    the silent treatment for 3 minutes and 27 seconds.
  10. I'm Deleting The List App
  11. I Haven't Deleted The List App
  12. Outro
    exactly 4 minutes of loud pure static with some softly playing ukulele in the background