1. dogs sleep ALL THE TIME and they're totally cool with it.
    it reminds you that it's ok to do nothing
  2. even when nothing cool is going on, depending on the tone you use dogs are always ready for a party
    if I start talking excitedly my dog literally just leaps like a foot in the air
  3. when you get home after a long day and ur dog literally jumps up at down bc they're so excited to see uou
  4. they don't care that you're gay or you have tattoos or you're depressed or whatever they just wanna please you bc they think ur fantastic
  5. dogs are so family oriented and are always alert to make sure everyone's safe
  6. dogs are fantastic !!!
  7. They have this amazing superpower where they detect when you're sad and channel all their love into making you feel better
    Suggested by @CrystalAlmazan