As an intern @npr, my days are usually pretty fun and chill. Moments of today, however, were very unfun and rather unchill. Here's what happened:
  1. The Uber I was in got into a car accident.
    I was on my way on to Snapchat from the White House (yes I was employed to do that).
  2. That made me v late for my meeting w @npr correspondent, Tamara Keith.
    She's like a big deal. And she was waiting outside for me w her uneaten lunch for ~30min.
  3. After Tamara told me that she is still "baffled by how difficult it was for [me] to get to [her]," I questioned my life choices and almost cried.
  4. While Tamara was introducing me to the press office ppl in the West Wing, I dropped my phone.
    It went like this: T- "And this our intern, Vesta." V- "Hi-i-i-I just dropped my phone." T- "And she just dropped her phone!"
  5. On my metro ride back (notice: metro), I got squished and bc I'm too short to reach the top handles, got tossed back and forth bw a group of tightly bound people.
    Minor whiplash was involved.
  6. When I got back, I had to tell @wrightbryan3 this story and bring shame to the Social Media Desk.
    At least I got to write a list about it?