Random things told to me...or over heard..
  1. Money doesn't make a man..
    A man makes the money
  2. Don't rubberneck and drive.
  3. If there's no cops around..
    Speed through the yellow light like it just turned green.
  4. The Matrix is real
    Don't take life to seriously
  5. You'll forget mostly everything you learn in grade school..
    Took about 5 years.
  6. If you have sex with my daughter I will kill you..
    Still alive...
  7. Think about a tattoo for 2-3 years before you get it..
    Didn't wait that long...regret one that's on my neck.
  8. Find work that you enjoy..
    Still looking.
  9. Listen to your parents..
  10. Dress for an interview like you're dressing for your dream job.
    Turns out showing up in your PJs isn't a good idea.