1. Fancy chocolates
    Like the ones with cherries and high percentage dark chocolates.
  2. Animated pornos
  3. Driving around
    Just driving..no destination..Just driving lol
  4. Cuddling
    With a cat or a special someone
  5. Lime Popsicles
  6. Vaping
    Or electronic cigarettes...whatever you want to call it
  7. Picking my nose when no one is looking
    Or when at a red light and someone pulls up next to me and I just stare them down with my finger buried as deep in my nostril as I can go.
  8. Digging out a wedgie
    Feels sooooo good to be free
  9. Walking around the house with blinds wide open
    ...butt ass naked.
  10. Not complete...
    I'll add more later