Mostly wth dad. No given order.
  1. MASH
  2. Xena
    Warrior Princess...more like warrior queen of hotness!
  3. The Cosby Show
  4. Fresh Prince of Belaire
  5. Law and Order
    Literally every version...every episode
  6. CSI
    Original series only...sorry Miami.
  7. Are You Being Served
    This weird ass show on late night PBS about clerks in a high end clothing/jewelry store.
  8. Two Fat Ladies
    Not to be confused with 2 know..
  9. Antiques Roadshow
    More PBS lol
  10. Wheel of Fortune
    This was the game show in my house growing up...watched it so much I REFUSE to watch it now. I will get up and walk outside or hide in a closet if it's on.
  11. The PJ's
    I'm sure this is a forgotten show now..was a weird little claymation show..but I like it.
  12. Can this include movies?
    Well it's gunna...
  13. Star Wars
  14. Indiana Jones
    Even the ones they made about young Indiana. They were good...don't judge.
  15. Predator
    Original and Two.
  16. These were probably the main ones.
    There's tons more that were watched but not with the parents...