Or just really, really scared of. In no particular order. Or is it? Maybe subconsciously.
  1. Being bit by a rattlesnake.
    Definitely deathly afraid of this.
  2. Suffering a brain aneurysm.
    Tied with snake bite, this is my #1 fear.
  3. Going blind.
    I already have terrible vision and feel disoriented before i put my glasses on. I can't imagine losing my sight completely. Driving? Colors? Faces? Ahhhhhh.
  4. Hearing a loved one has cancer.
    I feel like it's inevitable and it hasn't happened yet and it just freaks me out.
  5. Spiders.
    Does this even need a description? Fine. When it's hot out, spiders swarm outside my moms house. I'm talking fat man-killing arachnids. They are out for blood; specifically MY blood. I know this because they spin webs in the middle of the walkway and position themselves at the perfect height for me to walk face first into. And that's just not cool. I've created a dance where I swing my key lanyard a few feet in front of me to slash their web down if case they are hiding in plain sight.
  6. Having a nail fall off. Like the entire nail.
    Once I slammed a car door on my pinky nail. It turned bloody and bruised and hurt for weeks. Did I go to the doctor to drain the blood? NO, because everyone said they'd take the nail off. Ha, fat chance of me letting that happen.
  7. Getting stung by a sting ray.
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    My coworker got stung once and upon hearing her experience I decided that sting rays are out for vengeance upon innocent humans. I subsequently jump horizontally into the water as far as I can to avoid walking along the shore line when I snorkel. Truffle shuffle provides no safety in this case. I mean look at the smug bastard blending in to the sand. Waiting. Just waiting for a chance to viciously attack a happy snorkler.
  8. Water buoys.
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    I shuddered doing a simple Google search for an image to pick. I couldn't even find the buoy I was looking for, which made the researching process that much harder. As a self-described avid water skier and semiprofessional water tuber, these floating death orbs were the bane of my existence at would-be fun family outings at the lake.