1. Cool! I got a corporate job!
    Big girl life, here I come! ....
  2. Aaaaaaaaand I'm over it...
    A year ago I left my secure well paced job at a small company to go to a corporate. Cuz I needed more money. And a smaller commute. 2.5 - 3 hours on the road can kill someone!
  3. What the f*ck did I do?
    Instant regret starting at the new job. I wanted to quit my second day and grovel back to my old boss for my job. New boss was terrible!
  4. What. The. F*ck. Did. I. Do????
    Had I not felt like I was fully violated during the background check process, I would have instantly quit. Felt like a pap smear was way less invasive than this process!!
  5. I'll give it 6 months
    For the pay, obviously.
  6. Maybe delay it for a couple more months....
    Insurance premiums were going up...
  7. So....couple more?
    OMG I hate it here
  8. Maybe 1 more month?
    Need to make my parents proud. Need to make my parents proud. Need to make my parents proud.....
  9. Aaaandd I'm done!
    I used to sit in my car and cry every day before going home. I was so upset with everything and frustrated with it all, I gave up. I totally gave up on myself. Never had I felt like this. Never had I let anyone make me feel like this. Never had I let anything frustrate me this bad. Something had to change. And I wasn't going to be everything that was important to me...
  10. I. Quit.
    Still remember that day, felt like a movie. I walked into the building reluctantly, told myself I had to quit for my sanity. Walked up to my desk, set my stuff down. Stood there for bout a minute. Took a deep breathe and walked to my boss's desk. And I just told her, "I'm giving you my notice of leave"
  11. Instant relief. Instant gratification.
    After that moment, I literally felt free. The shackles of corporate world have been shattered from my body. I can escape. I can leave. I can be me again! Best decision I made so far!
  12. Just breathe.
    I used the first 3 weeks as a personal and mental vacation from the mental insanity I endured. Didn't have to think or stress much anymore (life was really stressful at the time.) Now I can take a moment to breathe. Get the negativity out Get back to being me
  13. OK, now to find the new light
    I took some time to meditate, exercise, and reflect on: Who I am. What I wanted. Where I wanted to be. How I want to live. When I wanted this to occur. How I was going to achieve this
  14. Game, set.
    Started job hunting on things I could do. Then I found a new job. One that actually excited me. One that I can do. One that I can work in. I want this job.
  15. And now...
    I got the job. Eternally grateful, but it's been a process. Let's see how this will go...though with this new optimism in life, I am positive with this new adventure.