1. Paint the dining room
  2. Repair dining room ceiling
  3. Tile main bathroom floor
  4. Replace toilet in main bath
  5. Tile basement bath floor
  6. Tile entire basement floor
  7. Affix basement bath sink to wall
  8. Repair and paint basement bath wall
  9. Figure out why basement leaks. Fix.
  10. Figure out why tub clogs. Fix.
  11. Power wash basement stairs.
  12. Seal crack in basement stairs.
  13. Paint basement stairs.
  14. Fix bedroom door that doesn't latch.
  15. Repoint front steps.
  16. Replace trim in bedroom.
  17. Replace main bathroom window.
  18. Buy new couch.
  19. New appliances in kitchen.
  20. Over stove microwave.
  21. Search out new ikea cupboard doors to replace microwave cupboard.
  22. Fix chipped kitchen drawer.
  23. Pull up laminate floor in dining room and living room. Deal with what is below...
  24. Rototill back lawn and replant grass seed.
  25. Replace raised garden bed with new wood.
  26. New fence.
  27. Replace raised garden bed.