Today I spoke at Computers in Libraries 2016 about social media topics like Instagram and The List App. People came!
  1. The pitch
    Conference sessions are planned months and months in advance and it seems like a great idea that you have plenty of time to prep for.
  2. Idea gathering
    All of the ideas tumble in your head, usually while driving or showering of doing other activities where you can't stop to write.
  3. The organization
    Meet with copresenters a few months out and run through an outline. Realize presentation is on 45 minutes and that that's going to be impossible.
  4. The panic
    Realize you know absolutely nothing about the topic at hand, even though the people who asked you to present clearly thought you did. Worry about every little detail, usually at 3 am.
  5. Cleaning House
    Make sure your social media sites are full of amazing, current, relevant content (more than usual). Because experts will be seeing them!
  6. The final countdown
    Buckle down and polish up your presentation. Run through with copresenters.
  7. Showtime
    Presentation happens -- people pay lots of attention and have real, relevant questions. Lots of them! They tweet about your presentation a lot and seem to think you are some sort of expert on things.
  8. Relief
    Relax and enjoy the last few sessions of the conference with no weight on you. Treat self to yummy dinner in DC.
  9. Sleep
    Go home and sleep like the dead. Pretend you don't have work tomorrow.