Every day is more bad news. I'm already feeling overwhelmed, but we're only 1.5 weeks in. Here are some things that are helping to keep me calm:
  1. Podcasts
    Pod Save America. Are you listening? You should be. Obama's speechwriters give a (former) insider's view of what's happening in the WH. They're as horrified as we are — which makes me feel less like I'm overreacting. But they're funny and smart and irreverent, too. You can see why Obama asked them to write for him. While you're at it, listen to Stuff You Missed in History Class, just because it's awesome and so respectful of other types of people.
  2. No network TV
    I used to watch TV daily (even if sometimes it was only GMA), but I haven't turned on live tv since election night. I don't miss it it bit. The need for ratings and drama skewed our election coverage — and I won't give t—-p one more rating to gloat over. I also never want to hear his voice again, and I mostly have control over that.
  3. Old fashioned newspapers
    Nuanced political investigative coverage that's fully sourced? Yes, please. I'm a new subscriber to the NYT and the Washington Post. I'd almost forgotten the calming feel of a newspaper in my hands. Getting my news like generations have before me is so much more manageable than the constant barrage of BREAKING NEWS and warring political/ethical opinions online.
  4. Dan Rather
    What can I say? I feel like he's my second dad. I listen to his opinions of current matters with as much trust as I afford anyone. I'm so glad he's stepping out of his (much deserved) retirement and speaking up. If only Jon Stewart would do the same.
  5. Unlikely heroes
    I'm feeling a sudden urge to take off a year and visit all of the National Parks. And who would have guessed Teen Vogue had that in them?
  6. Advocacy
    We have to do something or we'll slowly go insane. Calling, writing, protesting. It's going to be a long four years — but we can't let this new reality become the new normal. The American people have never been tested like this before (in my lifetime). We're about to see what we're made of.
  7. The American people rising up
    The marches. The speeches. The lawyers offering to represent immigrants for free. This is the America I know and love. It's still there.
  8. Romance novels
    I used to read a lot of romance novels in my teens and twenties, but not so much this past decade or so. But there's something about the utter predictability and the guaranteed happy ending that is just what I need right now. Sometimes they provide a good cry, too, and it helps.
  9. House projects
    I have a million projects on the list, and they help keep my mind and body busy when I would otherwise be drowning in a well of negative information overload and panicking. Plus, I get a nice feeling of accomplishment when one is completed.
  10. My friends and family
    You don't truly know who shares your values (hey, you might not truly know your own values) until they're tested. Seeing my friends and family feel the same anger and grief at what I react to means I chose to surround myself with the right people. There is real comfort in that and in knowing you're not alone.
  11. Pets
    What would I do without them? Daisy and Livvy think the sun rises and sets with me, and they are completely confident that I can fix anything that is wrong with the world. If I'd only stop bringing home foster animals...
  12. Fostering
    Even if Daisy and Livvy hate it, fostering animals is a way I make sense of the cruelty in this world. I can't stop it all, or even much, but I do have the power to turn the world around for this one animal.
  13. ???
    I need to step up my volunteering to affect people and not only animals. Be the change...still deciding how I'll accomplish that.