1. Rinko Kikuchi
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  2. Cameron Diaz and Snoop Dogg
    I read online that he sold her pot in high school, so I had to do some research.
  3. Sofia Boutella
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    Cheers, Kween!
  4. Asan Kantha chair
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    Me want.
  5. Ultra lightweight bicycle
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    Me need.
  6. Adidas SL Loop
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    Me get.
  7. What apps use the most data on iPhone 6
    For me, Instagram = 54.6GB... Not cool, Instagram. Not cool.
  8. Renzo Piano
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    Best. Name. Ever. Oh, and a great architect.
  9. Binx Walton
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    Teach me!!!
  10. Mayweather/Pacquiao
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    Duh. Thanks Google for keeping me informed of all things unnecessary and necessary... but mostly unnecessary.