@biz my faves in no particular order and I'm sure I forgot some.
  1. D's Six Packs in Regent Square
    My husband and I used to live in Regent Square and that place was our "Cheers". We go back with the kids and it feels the same.
  2. Pasqualino's Pizza Palace in Penn Hills and now Murrysville
    The stuffed shells remind me of my youth.
  3. Lidia's Pittsburgh in the strip
    Pasta trio and where I met my husband.
  4. Point Brugge in Point Breeze
    Mussels and beer, also love how small it is.
  5. Eleven in the strip for brunch
    Many buzzed Sunday's spent at Eleven that resulted in great memories.
  6. Dor-Stop in Dormont
    Potato pancakes
  7. Green Pepper in Squirrel Hill
    Good Korean food. But plan on not doing a single thing after your meal. Unless Netflix.