Some of my favorite stories and songs from this CD. Growing up, I listened to this and now my little ones enjoy it too.
  1. Parents Are People
    Are your parents teachers? Chemists? Grocers or bakers? Mommies and Daddies can be anything they want to be and they wanted to be parents. To you.
  2. Free To Be...You And Me
    Be yourself. There's nobody else like you and that's wonderful.
  3. Atalanta
    This is a story about a girl whose father wants her to get married so he holds a race and the winner gets his daughter's hand in marriage. Well guess what? She wins the race, makes a new friend and does what she wants without getting married AND she's happy.
  4. Ladies First
    Don't act like an entitled little brat or a lion will eat you up.
  5. William's Doll
    William wants a doll but he gets teased and his dad tries to distract him with boy stuff like baseball, basketball and marbles. Grandma shows up and gives him a doll. Grandmas always understand.
  6. Glad to Have a Friend Like You
    Friends are great to have, you can do lots of things together like secret codes, cook and play outside. They also don't judge you if you still sleep with your teddy bear. You are you and a friend likes you for who you are.