a "Leave Britney Alone" type list.
  1. It's a great name.
    Seriously. No one else has this name. Not a single person. The sound of it is so good too. The C's and the U's and the L's, it's a palate cleanser. It's refreshing to say and hear.
  2. He was cute as hell.
    Keven?! McCallister?! You bet! This kid was cute and funny and he was my very first crush. When Home Alone came out I was peaking at just 4 years old and so was he at 8 or whatever. I was in love with him. But I didn't know what that meant. I thought attraction meant wanting to be another person and so that's what I wanted. I wanted to be Kevin. I made my family call me Kevin for quite some time.
  3. He's cool.
    He does his own thing despite what you think about it. Marrying young. Doing drugs. Living in New York. Pizza underground!? This guy likes pizza?! And the velvet underground!? So do you. You like both of those things. I know you do because those things are inherently good and widely influential. McCauley managed to put together the two things that everyone can agree on ,1. Pizza, 2. VU, how are you not pleased by this?