Season 2 episode 4
  1. Oh he produced this
  2. Oh him too
  3. I'm gonna pay attention this time
  4. Where do I know this lady from
  5. Is he just a bad actor or badly directed
  6. I wonder if Vince Vaughn spent a lot of time rehearsing or just winged it all
  7. Is this show a soap opera?
  8. Tim Riggins is being used solely for his sex appeal. But he's also really trying to be serious.
  9. I thought Rachel McAdams gained a few till a friend pointed out that my aspect ratio was off. Turns out she's still a thin actress.
  10. I bet Rachel and Colin had sex multiple times but stopped mid production which made the rest of filming better for acting.
  11. Is there something wrong w me that I think this is bad?
  12. I want to laugh at the whole thing.
  13. Why am I so cyncial
  14. Do we all think this is bad
  15. Holy shit Colin's glove box is so tidy and organized w drugs
  16. I don't know any of the character names and it's episode 4
  17. No one on this show behaves like a normal person that exists
  18. It's weird when a writer decides he/she is going to make a character use racial slurs out of nowhere
  19. When is this show gonna get mystical
  20. I miss carcosa and the gang :(
  21. I'm sad now that this isn't season 1.
  22. I'm gonna stop watching this and watch season 1 again.
  23. Now where do I know this lady from
  24. Was she in the first season?
  25. Ah! I'm still watching it
  26. I love the shots of LA
  27. Ok it's getting better
  28. Ok watching it for real
  29. Ok gotta go bye