could also be defined as explosive thought diarrhea 💥
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    why do women not empower each other more? yes, it is easy to bring someone down with the simple use of words. but why don't we challenge ourselves to every day pay a stranger a compliment? (side note: try not to come across as creepy and/or overly interested just in case they get defensive, physically or verbally)
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    was I the only well behaved child in a restaurant? working within the hospitality industry you have to put on a brave face and learn to become very patient/tolerant of screaming, overly excited children who treat your work place like their play room. meanwhile, their parents sit there sipping on coffee like nothing is wrong 👶🏻
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    is it really that wrong to have a secret admiration and affection for country music? (my much beloved boyfriend cringes when I choose to play music at home/in the car for the fear of banjo strings and lyrics about pick-up trucks & broken hearts)
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    how do I always seem to find myself in the position of only having a mere few dollars in my bank account the day before pay day? WHERE DID ALL MY MONEY GO?!?! 💸💸💸
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    Vicky, once again you forgot to hang out the laundry before work. don't forget this again. or you will be wearing soggy socks to work. (I may or may not have once worn damp jeans to work. learn from my mistakes my dear readers)
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    you know you made a pact to your body that you would be more kind & nourish it from not only the outside but from the inside... but damn girl, you definitely deserved that coffee frappè today after the day you had. YOU GO GIRL! 👊🏼
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    the one thing that gets me through the day is knowing I can go home, open a bottle of wine and watch a new episode of The Mindy Project 🙌🏼 @mindy all I can say is thank you for being you. and, for not letting anyone stand in the way of doing whatever you wanted. you persevered, and so shall I 🌻