1. You don't have to shut your curtains at night
    Because it is unlikely to be light when you wake up. So you can star gaze or smog gaze depending on where you live.
  2. You get to wear lovely coats, woolly hats and gloves
  3. There's always a change of snow
    You get great pics. It's rare. It's pretty (from indoors). You can throw them at people you don't like but look like you're just "having fun".
  4. Stodgy foods
    Everything from thick, gloopy suits with crusty bread to sausage & mash or toad in the hole with gravy suddenly becomes the perfect dish...and socially acceptable. After all those summer salads you've earned it.
  5. Big duvets with funkalicious covers (e.g. Marrimekko)
    Cosy yet fashionable sleep is the best
  6. Day trips to the cinema becomes acceptable again
    Because there's no sun
  7. Mulled wine and/or mulled cider
    Technically an autumnal affair but I don't just see why not drink through till Spring. Bloody scrumptious.
  8. Watching more television is perfectly acceptable
    Because there's no sub
  9. Roast dinner in a nice local pub on a Sunday with newspapers and a glass of red wine
  10. Boots
    Boots kick arse
  11. If you're me: no frizzy hair. Chilled out hair.
  12. Fresh, crisp air to walk in... When it's not raining or snowing
  13. Ice skating
  14. Santa Claus & Christmas presents
  15. Wiodburners
  16. Bonfires & Guy Fawkes Night
  17. An array of socks to be worn
  18. For some skiing and snowboarding
  19. Red robins
  20. Hot chocolate & marshmallows