These are long and short term goals based on Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming
  1. 4 dreams remembered in 2 days by Friday
  2. Record 5 dreams by Saturday
  3. Have figured out and recorded 3 dreamsigns by the 8th
  4. Figure out top dreamsign by the 11th
  5. Achieve lucid dream thrice by the 17th
  6. 5 straight days of recording dreams by the 15th
  7. Have sleep ritual by the 19th
  8. Leave work consistently at designated time 7 days in a row by the 22nd
  9. Remember to look at hands and spin twice within 5 lucid dreams
  10. Look in the mirror on one of the first two lucid dreams
  11. Go through the mirror on a dream 3-5
  12. Get faster at typing in dream 6-9
  13. Start practicing coding dream 10-15
  14. Craft a list of skills to practice by 2/5
  15. Lucid dream consistently by 2/10