1. Battery on 2% and everyone else around U still basic with iPhone 4
  2. Having to pee when ur comfortable in bed
  3. No emoji avail to express ur tru feelings🚫⛔️📵
  4. Emojis u will never use to express tru feelings ➰®🔣
  5. Tryna be loved when everybody is at work/school
  6. At the metro and realizing U stupid and left metro card home
  7. finding metrocard in your pocket by the time ur home
  8. When no one cares about ur internet presence.
  9. Getting caught stealing cookies from pantry l8 at nite when ur 20
  10. Shaving 4 the first time in months then going home alone
  11. Getting blocked by ur fav B/C lister celeb on snapchat cuz u snap them 2 much.
  12. Feeling like your list could have been posted by 13 y/o on thought catalog or buzzfeed 😷🔫