Thanks @Lisa_Fav !
  1. The Meddler by Lorene Scafaria
    STRONG RECOMMEND. Directed by Lorene Scafaria
  2. Stories We Tell by Sarah Polley
    Documentary directed by Sarah Polley about how she found out her dad isn't her biological dad. I've wanted to watch this since she was announced as the director of "Looking for Alaska" in 2014 (which she's not linked to anymore). Anyway this was really interesting (though just a touch too long).
  3. Diary of a Teenage Girl by Marielle Heller
    I looooooooved this. Minnie, 15, desperately wants to have sex, and she does - with her mom's boyfriend. It's a really great look at teenage girls and sexual desire (often ignored) and the way men try to control women, that women let themselves be controlled by men. Also it's the 70s and the costumes are lit. (Also I said how sex because that's how Minnie views it but obviously 15 year olds can't consent to sex with grown ass men, just wanted to add that). Bel Powley is crazy good in this.
  4. Chisholm '72 Unbought & Unbossed by Sheila Lynch
    I really didn't know anything about Shirley Chisholm and this was informative and inspiring. Also 77 minutes and I love a good short movie.
  5. Belle by Amma Asante
    I've wanted to see this since I first saw the trailer so I'm so glad I finally did. Gugu is so good in this! All the pleasures of a Jane Austen film but obviously done so differently and so well (and featuring half my favorite British characters actors).
  6. 13th by Ava DuVernay
    Actually watched this last Sunday and forgot to post. Really incredibly done and essential info. Could not recommend more.
  7. The Holiday by Nancy Meyers
    How had I never seen this movie before??? What a nice movie!!!!
  8. The Namesake by Mira Nair
    This was pretty good! Kal Penn is under appreciated IMO
  9. Lost in Translation by Sofia Coppola
    Fell behind but I'm back in the game. Unsurprisingly this was very good.
  10. Queen of Katwe. By Mira Nair
    This was great! The colors are gorgeous, it's uplifting without being sappy. Really moving.
  11. Seeking a Friend for the End of the World by Lorene Scafaria
    I wanted to LOVE this. But it was just eh. I think if it stayed platonic love instead of romantic love it would've been better. Also I think it should have leaned into the strangeness of its world a little more. ALSO there are so many people in this movie who were nobodies in 2012 and are famous now.
  12. Something's Gotta Give by Nancy Meyers
    This is a weird movie but I still liked it! Keanu Reeves is incredibly charming in it! He should do more rom coms!
  13. Take This Waltz by Sarah Polley
    Sarah Polley becomes the third repeat director. This was so good though!! I thought it was going to be much more rom com and less drama but it was still great. Pairs well with the second season of Master of None (and it's also on Netflix!)
  14. The Virgin Suicides by Sofia Coppola
    Terrifyingly amazing.
  15. Sleeping With Other People by Leslye Headland
    Second Amanda Peet movie! Anyway this is good! Doesn't reinvent the romcom wheel but it hits the spot.
  16. Band Aid by Zoe Lister-Jones
    If you're not seeing Wonder Woman this weekend — jk even if you are — go see this!! It was funny and sweet and moving and inspiring and SO GOOD.
  17. Bend It Like Beckham by Gurinder Chadha
    Should have just let them be lesbians, but nonetheless very enjoyable
  18. Big by Penny Marshall
    I'm sure if I'd first seen this as a kid I'd love it, but since this was my first time I'm more baffled by this movie's sexual politics. Also, his poor mother!!! Anyway Tom is funny and charming so I'm not that mad but this was odd af.
  19. Slow Learners by Sheena M Joyce and Don Argott
    Kind of simple but very funny in parts.
  20. In A World... by Lake Bell
    Very lovely. Definitely the best of the weird indie romcoms I've been streaming lately. Lake Bell needs to do more romcoms!!!!
  21. The Kids Are All Right by Lisa Cholodenko
    Enjoyable. Maybe would like it more if I were a grown up??
  22. Yentl by Barbra Streisand
    Barbra is not a very convincing boy!!! Mandy is so hot in this it really elevates the whole thing. Unsure why he didn't get a song.
  23. Everything, Everything by Stella Meghie
    Cute. Probably would've liked it more if I hadn't read the book (and I think the author's other book The Sun Is Also A Star is better). The soundtrack is so good though.
  24. Really fell behind on this guys and now no one will hold me accountable!!!!