Inspired by @KikiHines
  1. Adaptation
    Setting unreasonably high brow expectations for this list
  2. Brooklyn
    I have this poster in my bedroom!
  3. Captain America: Winter Soldier
    Best marvel movie bye
  4. Decoy Bride, The
    This movie is idiotic and perfect. (Dirty Dancing is probably my real answer but I need to spread Decoy Bride Awareness!)
  5. Elf
    Elf is the best Will Ferrell movie goodbye
  6. Five Hundred Days of Summer
    Also a good litmus test for judging people if you ask them what they think of Summer (also two Zooey movies in a row damn)
  7. Guardians of the Galaxy
    (I miss chubby Chris Pratt though)
  8. Hunger Games, The
    If Jennifer Lawrence were a man she'd have an Oscar nom for these movies bye
  9. Inside Out
  10. Juno
    Maybe this hasn't aged that well but it felt like magic at the time.
  11. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
    Ah I haven't watched this in so long but Robert Downey Jr is so good in it!
  12. Love Actually
  13. Mulan
    If my parents didn't want a rebellious daughter they should have banned this movie
  14. Nightmare Before Christmas
    As a kid I was legit terrified of Oogey Boogey (jk I still am)
  15. Once
    My favorite movie in high school. Still amazing.
  16. Pride and Prejudice
    I actually only watched the beloved miniseries last week, but i like both equally.
  17. Quinceñera
    The real moral is I should see more Q movies (no but this is a nice movie, I promise)
  18. Rachel Getting Married
    Anne Hathaway is so good in this I will defend her/it forever.
  19. Spy
    I made a list about this! It's so goddamn good (also second Peter Serafinowicz movie on this list 😏)
  20. Sense and Sensibility
    Yes that's two S movies but this is my list and I make the rules.
  21. Toy Story
    Let's give this slot to the whole series, aight?
  22. Up
    Still crying
  23. Vertigo
    This seems high brow but it's really because I would bang Jimmy Stewart.
  24. When Harry Met Sally
    All time fav
  25. X-men First Class
    Still waiting for Fox to green light my Kitty and Colossus romcom. Until then.
  26. You've Got Mail
    I can't believe how long it took me to watch this
  27. Zootopia
    I ship it.