Inspired by @amieshmamie
  1. Let me start by saying I was such a good liar when I was a kid, because my brother was a horrible liar.
  2. He was always shifty and told long stories. So I kept eye contact and kept it succinct. I definitely used "Would I lie to you?" multiple times while lying.
  3. Anyway, we convinced my little brother Nicholas he was an alien.
  4. That my older brother had found him in the forest when he went camping with the Boy Scouts
  5. And my mom let us keep him because we had an older brother, Brian, who our mom had recently murdered because he wouldn't do his chores
    So there was a moral to the story!
  6. And so my little brother was an alien and his exoskeleton was buried in the backyard.
  7. And so he was crying all over the place and he went to my mom and said "mom is it true"
  8. And she said "of course it's not Brian, I mean Nicholas"
  9. And we were like WOAHHH
  10. And he was like 😭😭😭
  11. It was great
  12. I don't know when he realized he was human.
  13. Similarly one time he had a cut on his leg and he asked my mom if he was going to be ok.
  14. And I said well either you'll wake up tomorrow and you'll be fine, or it's a staph infection and it'll eat your leg by morning.
  15. And he immediately burst into tears.
  16. Which was hilarious.
  17. Honestly it's amazing he likes me now?