The world is a fucked up place, so I want to remember the kind things I have been the beneficiary of. (Slightly inspired by the end of Mockingjay Part 2 tbh)
  1. Comforted me when a loved one was ill and I was homesick and feeling horrible
  2. Made me a mix cd and snuck it into my desk as a surprise
  3. Helped me walk to the nurse's office when I skinned my knees
  4. Given me a pass for a free class at soulcycle
  5. Written a kind comment on something I wrote
  6. Didn't complain when I changed my outfit five times and gave lots of honest feedback
  7. Got me an ice pack from Student Health Services when I sprained my knee
  8. Bought me tea or iced coffee
  9. Listened to me cry on the phone for about an hour when a family member died
  10. Walked me home when I didn't feel safe
  11. Offered to walk me home
  12. Listened to me scream on the phone when a bird flew into my room and I couldn't get it to leave
  13. Recommended their favorite books to me
  14. Once I went on a service trip and we wrote each other affirmation letters at the end and they're literally the best still
  15. Walked slow so I wouldn't be the one straggler in a group of friends
  16. Aggressively tried to leave me a tip at work, even though I'm not allowed to accept it
  17. Bought me a birthday crown
  18. Loved me when I felt the most unlovable
  19. Pumped my gas because I was 16 and didn't know how
  20. Bought me a bagel
  21. Remembered small things I had mentioned previously
  22. Encouraged me to do more
  23. Let me sit on the subway when we both went for it simultaneously
  24. Drove me to the train station
  25. Tried to like my favorite tv show
  26. Texted me because something reminded them of me
  27. Let me eat the last cookie
  28. Let me eat half their fries
  29. Let me drink half their milk shake