I have read a lot of your bad profiles and let me say I have comments.
  1. If your list of favorite movies, books, music, and tv shows doesn't include any by or about a woman, fix that.
    No, JK Rowling does not count.
  2. Why do you all hate vegetarians so much?
    Even if I wasn't a vegetarian I would be offended by this.
  3. Smoking a lot of weed is not a personality trait.
    Stop bragging about this. Bacon isn't a personality trait either.
  4. Do not quote The Office, Zoolander, or Anchorman.
    YOU ALL DO THIS. Why????? Quoting things all men agree are funny does not show you are funny.
  5. Stop answering that one OKCupid question about whether you would date someone who was overweight, "Yes, as long as they're not obese"
    I could screech about this FOREVER but obese is a meaningless distinction and also go fuck yourself for being such a fatphobic piece of shit. Lesley Kinzel wrote much more elegantly about this than I — http://www.lesleykinzel.com/fat-shaming-is-not-an-individual-problem-its-a-cultural-one/
  6. Don't open your message with "wow you're beautiful."
    This is super creepy and makes you seem like you're just sending that to everyone and it seems so not genuine — like those guys on the Bachelorette who are in love on the first night. Nah.
  7. Use proper spelling and grammar
    So simple, and yet
  8. Don't tell me what you're not looking for, i.e. "Don't message me if you have a lot of selfies"
    Lmao literally no one cares, this just makes you seem so arrogant.
  9. Don't brag about how good you are at sex.
    You would think this would go without saying, and yet.
  10. Don't try to promote your website/Instagram/soundcloud/YouTube.
    In reality show terms, you're not here for the right reasons.
  11. Don't have any photos in a fedora.
    Shows a lack of self awareness.
  12. Aight good luck guys.
  13. Also if you're reading this and you think I don't sound too much like an uptight bitch (which I can be) and you live in New York and you wanna go out 👀