1. So Aerie, the underwear brand of American Eagle, launched this #AerieMan campaign about male body positivity
  2. Admittedly it rubbed me a little the wrong way because it was showing chubby guys in undies when it never shows chubby women
  3. And body positivity can be so meaningless, which is why I prefer the term fat acceptance
  4. Anyway! Yesterday they revealed the campaign was A PRANK
  5. Aerie is not really advocating for male body positivity
  6. To which I can only say WTF
  7. Lol isn't it funny to pretend to accept chubby people?
  8. Lol
  10. !!
  11. So a brand co-opted the work of activists to sell underwear
  12. And then called that work a joke
  13. And apparently they also announced that they will stop Photoshopping male models by Christmas
  14. Which is guess is supposed to make us feel better or almething
  15. But gosh
  16. It's not like I was shopping at Aerie before because THEY DONT CARRY MY SIZE
  17. But could you not just fuck with people like this?
  18. Thin people don't give a shit about fat people, basically
  19. I'll be quietly seething over here