December isn't just for Christmas movies — it's also for watching my favorite Christmas episodes of my favorite shows. Most of these are on Netflix!
  1. Dwight Christmas, The Office
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    Whenever people tell me they didn't watch the last season of The Office, I tell them to watch this one. It's bat shit.
  2. A Benihana Christmas, The Office
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    Very silly, and probably Rashida Jones' best episode of the series (lol when she tells Pam to date Roy though)
  3. Noel, The West Wing
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    Christmas at the White House is GORGEOUS, and also this episode always makes me cry.
  4. The One With The Holiday Armadillo, Friends
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    Do I even need to explain? (The One With The Routine is also so good, but maybe more of a New Years episode?)
  5. Christmas Special: Christmas at Downton (2011), Downton Abbey
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    When Matthew and Mary were finally happy for one shining moment. 😭
  6. "The Trial of Leslie Knope" and "Citizen Knope," Parks and Recreation
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    Technically only the latter is the Christmas episode, but the former feeds into it so well, and has the cutest/funniest snowy kiss.
  7. Christmas Party, The Office
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  8. Wait literally every Christmas episode of The Office is good. These are my favorite ones, but watch them all ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. Christmas Special, 30 Rock
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    Maybe one of the only 30 Rock episodes I've ever cried during?
  10. Wait all the 30 Rock Christmas episodes are great too.
  11. Christmas Party Sex Trap, The Mindy Project
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    The episode where TMP let us know that Danny/Mindy might actually happen. Danny dancing, Mindy singing, and part of me sort of wishes Mindy and Cliff had made it.
  12. Last Christmas, Doctor Who
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    The beautiful peak of all my Clara/12 feels.
  13. A Christmas Carol, Doctor Who
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    A super original Christmas Carol adaptation, with a great song to boot. AND FLYING SHARKS.
  14. Christmas Every Day, Fairly Odd Parents
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    Timmy wishes it was Christmas every day. The song is SO CATCHY.
  15. Christmas Who?, SpongeBob SquarePants
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    Again, catchy catchy songs.
  16. The Santa Experience, Rugrats
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    So much to love about this, but my favorite part is when Drew and Chas are fighting over who should dress as Santa, and Chas says he was the lead in "The Wind and the Willows" in college, and Drew says "You were a tree," and Chas, exasperated, replies, "I WAS THE WILLOW." I quote this all the time.
  17. God Rest Ye Merry Gentle-Mannequins, Bob's Burgers
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    Both freakish and touching. B's Bs at its best. (Other Christmas episodes are also pretty good.)
  18. The Constant, LOST
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    This is also my favorite episode of LOST, all time. I remember crying on the floor of the living room the first time I watched it. Amazing.
  19. Regional Holiday Musical, Community
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    Catchy catchy music in a crazy Glee parody
  20. Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas, Community
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    It's stop motion animated! And amazing.
  21. Comparative Religion, Community
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    Less high concept than the other two Community episodes, but SO GOOD
  22. Forgiveness and Stuff, Gilmore Girls
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    Sad but perfect. (Also Luke is such a mensch)
  23. The Bracebridge Dinner, Gilmore Girls
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    I think this episode is technically before Christmas, but it's really Christmas. Also includes Jess asking Rory what she and Dean even talk about, which is perfect
  24. Christmas Comes But Once A Year, Mad Men
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    BLEAK and gorgeous. Typical Mad Men.