1. I'm not going to pretend we were best friends or anything.
  2. But I like the idea of List being full of lists about her.
  3. So here's my tiny contribution.
  4. Biz was a ubiquitous member who helped me fall in love with this dumb app.
  5. It's surprising me how upset I am.
  6. This is the most fucked up shit.
  7. I'm so scared for all of us.
  8. I learned about this thing that's supposed to help suicide prevention yesterday called ACE.
  9. A is Ask - ask if they want to harm themselves. C is Care - get them water, food, just stay with them. And E is escort - if you can, bring them to a hospital.
  10. I've been in situations where I've been terrified that a friend will hurt themselves and if I had known this it would have helped a lot.
  11. So I'm sharing.
  12. Biz was aces.