So many good ones!!!
  1. Commonwealth by Ann Patchett
    I LOVED this. Definitely a top book of the year for me. About two families torn apart and connected by divorce and love and death and illness. Read it.
  2. Marlena by Julie Buntin
    It's unfair to think of all books about female friendships where one is cool and unknowable and cool as riffs on the Neapolitan novels but I always do. Anyway this was good, about two teen girls in Michigan surrounded by predators and drugs and making sense of the past and growing up. Other people LOVED it.
  3. Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Volume 4
    These are so bad at exposition. But I love them so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. Which Brings Me to You by Steve Almond and Julianna Baggott
    Ok so these two people are gonna have sex but then instead they decide to write letters to each other about all their past relationships. Pretty enjoyable.
  5. Lumberjanes Volume 4
    As always, cute and thoughtful and fun.
  6. Too Fat Too Slutty Too Loud by Anne Helen Petersen
    I am such a AHP fangirl and this did not disappoint. Full of insight, haven't stopped thinking about it.
  7. Kissing Ted Callahan by Amy Spalding
    Reasonably cute YA romance
  8. Patsy Walker aka Hellcat! Volume 2
    Through no fault of the creative team this starts and stops in awkward places. But it's funny and moving and great.
  9. Why Dimple Met Rishi
    Another YA romance but I loooooved this one. Dimple and Rishi are arrange to get married and meeting at a tech summer camp: except Dimple doesn't know that's why her parents let her go. About love and sacrifice and plans.
  10. A Darker Shade of Magic by VE Schwab
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!! This book has everything! Magic! London! Pirates! Murder! Cute boys with floppy hair! Slow burn romance! Long term trauma! Alternate universes! Pirates! I am dyingggg for the my hold on the second book to come through.
  11. Act Like It by Lucy Parker
    A really freaking good romance novel. Two actors date for PR. You won't believe what happens next!
  12. Star Wars Volume 3 Rebel Jail
    All the original trio content a girl could need
  13. Black Panther A Nation Under Our Feet Volume 1
    Thoughtful. Harrowing.
  14. Captain Marvel Volume 2: Civil War
    The best justification for Carol's actions you could hope for
  15. Archie Volume 2
    I assume my loyalty to this fun, soapy reboot is why I can't bring myself to watch the grim dark show
  16. The Idiot by Elif Batuman
    !!!!!!! Ok so this is about Selin who's a freshman at Harvard and obsessed with language and everything is exciting and baffling and bizarre and obnoxious and so real and so fake. Really brought me back to being 18/also relatable to me rn. I loooooved this.
  17. Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli
    Not just cute gay YA — also a great reflection of change and identity and what we owe each other as we grow.