1. Jordan Peele and Chelsea Peretti
    She's the obnoxious owner of a pizzeria. He's the owner of the deli next door.
  2. Keegan Michael Key
    A laid off newspaper columnist who starts an online zine
  3. Judy Greer
    The advertising agent that helps the zine be profitable and falls for this kooky guy (yes Judy has been in MANY rom coms but never as the lead SO this counts)
  4. Melissa McCarthy
    Construction worker who falls for the person whose apartment she's repairing
  5. Taraji Henson
    The owner of the apartment
  6. Emma Thompson
    University president who falls for an art professor with untraditional teaching techniques
  7. Rupert Grint
    Your childhood best friend you never saw that way until you did
  8. Jon Hamm
    Runs a Christmas tree farm, hates Christmas
  9. Elizabeth Moss
    Librarian whose husband died shortly after they were married
  10. Jake Gyllenhaal
    The firefighter who saves her cat and helps her find love again
  11. Gabourey Sibide
    Plus size model who becomes internet sensation, but will fame change her???
  12. BJ Novak (@bjnovak)
    Start-up founder whose falls for a single mom who inspires him to institute good corporate policies, like a paid family leave
  13. Tom Hardy
    Long Island mobster whose two loves are tortellini and you
  14. John Cho
    Sports agent who falls for his one female client, starts firm just for female athletes
  15. Karen Gillan
    The one female client, plays tennis
  16. Chloe Bennet
    Elinor in a modern day adaptation of Sense and Sensibility.
  17. Ming Na Wen
    Police officer who falls for drug dealer with a heart of gold
  18. Christopher Meloni
    The drug dealer
  19. Octavia Spencer
    President's chief of staff who falls for an congressional aid from the other party
  20. Daniel Dae Kim
    The congressional aid