Not a list of who I would purge, but of who the rest of you would purge. Y'all are angry people.
  1. Arianna Grande
    Apparently she's the most hated female celebrity in America? She better get one of those guys who carry her around to protect her.
  2. Conan O'Brien
    Seems punchball?
  3. OJ Simpson
    Honestly I'm unclear on the jurisprudence of The Purge — is crime legal in prison too?
  4. Alex Rodriguez
    What a jerk! I don't even think Red Sox fans would do it, it'd be exasperate Yankees fans
  5. Meghan Trainor
  6. Jay Z
    The Beyhive is coming for him
  7. Iggy Azalea
    Fun fact: my phone kept correcting Iggy to Ugh which is appropriate. But she better flee to Australia or she's gonna have some problems.
  8. Jeremy Renner
    Really I would just punch him in the nose. And I would probably hurt myself doing it but I would cherish this memory.
  9. Adam Sandler
    I'm not even saying someone would go out of their way to kill him during the Purge — they would just get annoyed with him and 🔫
  10. Bill Cosby
    Misandry wins.