This list is just an excuse to let you guys know that I think Jason Jones is really hot
  1. Samantha Bee and Jason Jones
    Barely count as celebrities I guess but I love them so much (also maybe TBS will change this now? What a time to be alive!). Basically I'm jealous because I would love to be married to either of them tbh.
  2. Jeff Richmond and Tina Fey
    So much talent in one couple
  3. Barack and Michele
  4. Will and Kate
    This photo is everything I want my life to be
  5. Robert Downey Jr and Susan Downey
    This sort of pains me because deep down I sort of still think RDJ is really MY soulmate, but they're really so fricking cute. Also Susan RUNS SHIT.
  6. Chelsea Peretti and Jordan Peele
    Do I even need to explain what perfection these two are