This list is just an excuse to let you guys know that I think Jason Jones is really hot
  1. Samantha Bee and Jason Jones
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    Barely count as celebrities I guess but I love them so much (also maybe TBS will change this now? What a time to be alive!). Basically I'm jealous because I would love to be married to either of them tbh.
  2. Jeff Richmond and Tina Fey
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    So much talent in one couple
  3. Barack and Michele
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  4. Will and Kate
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    This photo is everything I want my life to be
  5. Robert Downey Jr and Susan Downey
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    This sort of pains me because deep down I sort of still think RDJ is really MY soulmate, but they're really so fricking cute. Also Susan RUNS SHIT.
  6. Chelsea Peretti and Jordan Peele
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    Do I even need to explain what perfection these two are