Someone I know gave us passes for a free class, so I went with my friend. The class ended roughly half and hour ago. These are my feelings. (I should explain that Soulcycle is a fancy bicycle class for rich people on uncomfortable bikes)
  1. Walking down stairs is hard.
    Like my legs don't hurt yet but they feel a little jiggly.
  2. I sort of can't believe I just did that?
    I haven't worked out seriously in quite a while, and when we started I was pretty sure I would not finish.
  3. I'm pretty proud of myself that I did it?
    See above.
  4. I felt very out of place
    I was BY FAR the biggest person there, unless someone was hiding in the back. I generally hate being the biggest person in a room, but I really hate it in exercise-related environments. Where the fat people at
  5. The whole thing was very privileged
    These classes are SO EXPENSIVE. and there are towels and water bottles and everyone is so nice but it's weird they're so nice? But everyone was so thin and white and blonde.
  6. I didn't expect the room to be dark but I sort of liked it
    Because I felt less like people were looking at me
  7. I felt like the instructor had low expectations for me?
    Which like yeah, I did not do particularly well (though I finished!). But she asked my thin friend if she was doing OK, which she clearly was, whereas she didn't ask me anything at all? I can't tell if this was nice or rude?
  8. I didn't like how pseudo-inspirational it was
    She kept taking about us as warriors, and like how change starts inside this room. I'm not a warrior, I'm on a fancy bicycle in Soho.
  9. I was confused
    The music is SO LOUD and she's telling you what to do but she's so hard to hear? So it took quite a few songs for me to get "with it"?
  10. Despite all this I sort of want to go again?
  11. This might me the endorphins talking? Like I feel good so I forgot how shitty I felt during it?
  12. But also I can super not afford this?
  13. But it was nice to be in a situation where quitting was not an option?
  14. But I should probably just join a gym?
  15. One with some other fat people there?
  16. I don't know!
  17. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯