Could you imagine
  1. He'd make me waffles some Saturdays. Not every Saturday because that would be too much.
  2. He'd never feel weird about buying tampons at Duane Reade
  3. When he came home from a long trip, he'd sneak home a day early to surprise me
  4. He'd learn to make one complicated vegetarian meal extremely well to impress me
  5. He'd come to my improv shows and bring me one flower, because more would be too fussy, and not make a big deal out of it
  6. We would wear matching sweaters at Christmas, but it would look tongue-in-cheek and cute instead of weird
  7. We'd send each other goofy snapchat selfies all day
  8. He'd watch Gilmore Girls with me and agree that the resemblance between Sebastian Stan and Christopher is almost creepy.
  9. We'd spend a week on Cape Cod on the beach drinking beer, but it wouldn't be obnoxious and we'd never be hungover
  10. The subway would always be on time. I don't know why.
  11. I'd flirt with Robert Downey Jr. and Chris wouldn't feel threatened or weird
  12. We'd be friends with William and Kate. I don't know how we would meet them but I am positive this would happen.