Yeah I have my read receipts on, and no I have no regrets.
  1. Read receipts hold you accountable.
    You can't just ignore people forever. As you shouldn't.
  2. Read receipts makes sure people know you're ignoring them.
    Some people deserve to be ignored, and seeing "Read" is such a good reminder that they don't matter. 💅🏽💅🏽💅🏽
  3. Read receipts reduce anxiety.
    Sometimes I would text my mom and I'm like, did she see this and she's mad or has she not seen this. Then she got read receipts. This is even better when I text people emotionally risky thing, which I do way too often.
  4. Adults use read receipts.
    Be accountable to the people you know!
  5. Sometimes I would open a text and forget to respond, but now that I know people can see I saw it, I don't do that anymore.
  6. My friend says that read receipts create a culture that you have to answer your texts all the time but this is wrong for a bunch of reasons.
  7. First, you can see what people said without opening the text, so if you know you can't respond, don't open.
  8. If your response needs to be more than "ok" or "no," you can text that person that you're in the middle of something but you'll get back to them ASAP.
    Again, this is respectful behavior.
  9. Really nothing is worse than waiting for that important text back, and if you know someone isn't just ignoring you because the READ hasn't appeared yet, it's so much better.
  10. Be a grown up. Don't leave your friends hanging. Turn on read receipts.