Inspired by the newly announced sequel sketch for Comic Relief. Also wasn't looking up any character names so....
  1. Colin Firth and Aurelia
    Clearly Remain.
  2. Laura Linney and Karl
    Since they're both immigrants, I can only imagine they're Remain. But also what if Karl is secretly a Trump voter. I'd believe it. 🤔
  3. Colin
    Played "devil's advocate" with all his friends about voting Leave.
  4. Colin's friend
    Voted Remain. Is not friends with Colin anymore.
  5. Martin Freeman and this lady
    Since they work in the film industry they voted Remain. (Though actually I hope they run a little shop together? With like, nice teas and bubble bath and crocheted blankets? Seems right)
  6. Keira Knightley and Chiwetel Ejiofor
    He voted Remain and was very passionate about it. She pretended to also be passionate about it, but she forgot to vote. Their marriage isn't doing well.
  7. Andrew Lincoln
    Moved to America, didn't vote but waxes poetic to his American friends about what it "means"
  8. Billy Mack and Joe
    Billy thinks it's not cool for rock stars to take political stands so he refuses to, despite Joe's urging. Now he regrets it, since he wanted to do a big international tour.
  9. Liam Neeson and Jojen Reed
    Voted Remain. After Leave won Liam Neeson moved back to Ireland.
  10. That unreasonable bitch with the devil horns
    She is the worst person in Britain so I'm guessing she was very aggressively pro-remain but forgot to vote and can't admit it to anyone.
  11. Emma Thompson and Alan Rickman
    She organized a local campaign to organize everyone she knew to vote Remain. He would never cross her so he passed out fliers every night.
  12. Prime Minister and Natalie
    The PM tried to not take a side, since having opinions could mess up his lucrative speaking career, but then his sister Emma Thompson yelled at him and he became publicly staunchly Remain. Obviously Natalie voted Remain because she's not an idiot.