Greatly inspired by @roaringsoftly and her vulnerability ✊🏻
  1. Age: 23.5
    Thursday was my half birthday yo
  2. Height: 5'8", ish
    Rounding up 🙃
  3. Number of people I saw post their weight and I was jealous that they would publicly share that: all of them
  4. Number of diets I've been on: at least four?
  5. Number of times in high school I decided to just stop eating food: at least three?
    One time I just ate rice for three days. One time I just stayed in my room all day reading Harry Potter so I wouldn't eat. That's the real reason I've read the 6th Harry Potter book more than any other.
  6. Number of times I thought my inability to not eat was a personal failing: at least three?
  7. Number of times someone explicitly asked me why I was still fat if I'm a vegetarian: 1
  8. Number of times that has clearly been the subtext of a "wow, you don't eat meat?" Comment: a billion
  9. Number of times my mom has told me to suck it in: a bajillion
  10. Age I decided I was fat: 8
  11. Age I was when I finally started to love my fat body: 18
    Thank God
  12. How long it will be until I perfectly do that: forever?
    But that's ok. I try.
  13. Number of jobs I've applied for since December: at least 30?
    Someone hire me to do something please
  14. Number of boys I've kissed who came out of the closet soon after: 3
  15. Number of boys I've kissed: 6
  16. Number of comedy sketches I've revised today: 2
  17. Number of times I've seen The Force Awakens: 2
  18. Number of times I've screamed at Marco Rubio during republican debates: at least 10
  19. Number of chambray shirt I own: 3
    And I bought another one today
  20. Number of times I've seen the Casino Night episode of The Office: 10-ish
  21. Number of times I did not give a hardcore number in a list ostensibly about numbers: 9