1. The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement
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    I have cited a scene in this movie as one my most romantic movie scene so
  2. 27 Dresses
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    So much about this movie doesn't make sense, but then James Marsden smiles and I swoon
  3. The Decoy Bride
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    Oh boy I love this movie so much I've seen it like 5 times. It is so predictable and yet David Tennant and Kelly MacDonald really sell it. Also I quote it all the time. ("I'm around most of the time and I'm a whole lot hotter than I look.")
  4. RENT
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    When I'm a rich person in Hollywood imma fund a remake of this, but until then I will watch this.
  5. Sleepless in Seattle
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    Other people will tell you this is good. They're lying. Meg Ryan is really weird in this. I even made a video blog about how much this movie didn't make sense. But Tom Hanks 😍 (EDIT: link to video https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=UxY71lf805E)