Honestly I had sort of resigned myself to it not coming, and then CHRISTMAS MAGIC. BLESSED.
  1. Classy envelope, I love it
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  2. A bow! And bubble wrap! Really I was grinning ear to ear already
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  3. And he wrote this nice letter! Red pen is a nice touch.
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  4. Killing the signature
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  5. So he made me a mix cd of his favorite songs from the year! I love mix CDs woooo
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  6. And he sent me this sponge candy from Buffalo that I had never heard of but I am not obsessed with.
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  7. And I tried to google it to find out more but the Internet was like "this is some good Buffalo shit, but no one knows how it got made. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯"
    I'm paraphrasing of course
  8. And this is what it looks like on the inside and it was very delicious
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  9. I feel like I sound sort of fake excited but really I am so excited and happy and this was really so nice and thoughtful and thank you so much @beatlesmccuen. Especially appreciated the inclusion of the one good song titled "Victoria" on the CD.
  10. I have eaten half the candy already
  11. (And of course much thanks to @ChrisK)