Omg honored to receive this request! I have 18 nutcrackers and here are photos of all of them, roughly in the order I got them, with whatever I remember about getting them. Let's do this.
  1. Poor beardless, have mustachio-ed dude. First one I got, sometime around when I first saw the Nutcracker with my grandma (I've seen the Nutcracker at Lincoln Center three times. Is that the cause of my obsession or a symptom?). My little brother broke this dude, but obviously I can't get rid of him.
  2. This bitch is the second one I got, HBIC everyone bow down to the queen. I think I picked her out at Fortunoffs when I went with my mom.
  3. This king is such a scrub compared to that beautiful queen. I got him from my mom after I came in second in a math bee in middle school.
  4. These two and the next one I got one Christmas from Santa. They're supposed to be like representative of village life in Germany or something. Toy seller, dairy seller...
  5. And handsome soldier.
  6. I used to volunteer with a Girl Scout troop in middle school and the leader got me this handsome Santa as a gift.
  7. My mom got me this and the next few at the Christmas Tree Store, which doesn't sell Christmas trees but does sell a lot of great junk, like these guys.
  8. I love this old baseball guy so much.
  9. You may have noticed all of these have been male nutcrackers, except for the Queen, so I love this ballerina very much
  10. The chef always makes me giggle.
  11. I think this was also a present from the troop leader (who was also my mom's friend). Maybe from an aunt though?
  12. I have no recollection of where he came from but look how handsome he is
  13. Ditto this guy. HE GLITTERS.
  14. He also might be from the Christmas Tree Store? Not sure. Feels very post-9/11 though.
  15. The newest one! My little brother got me this when he went to the Czech Republic in April. It was very kind.
  16. And then this guy, who is really a ceramic nutcracker I painted. My mom LOVES painting ceramics and is very good at it. I am not.
  17. And then this guy, who is awkwardly shorter then the others, I TECHNICALLY bought for my brother a couple years ago, but it lives with mine so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  18. BONUS: mini guy. So cute.
  19. UPDATE: my brother got me a Darth Vader Nutcracker!
  20. New one!!