Omg honored to receive this request! I have 18 nutcrackers and here are photos of all of them, roughly in the order I got them, with whatever I remember about getting them. Let's do this.
  1. Poor beardless, have mustachio-ed dude. First one I got, sometime around when I first saw the Nutcracker with my grandma (I've seen the Nutcracker at Lincoln Center three times. Is that the cause of my obsession or a symptom?). My little brother broke this dude, but obviously I can't get rid of him.
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  2. This bitch is the second one I got, HBIC everyone bow down to the queen. I think I picked her out at Fortunoffs when I went with my mom.
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  3. This king is such a scrub compared to that beautiful queen. I got him from my mom after I came in second in a math bee in middle school.
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  4. These two and the next one I got one Christmas from Santa. They're supposed to be like representative of village life in Germany or something. Toy seller, dairy seller...
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  5. And handsome soldier.
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  6. I used to volunteer with a Girl Scout troop in middle school and the leader got me this handsome Santa as a gift.
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  7. My mom got me this and the next few at the Christmas Tree Store, which doesn't sell Christmas trees but does sell a lot of great junk, like these guys.
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  8. I love this old baseball guy so much.
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  9. You may have noticed all of these have been male nutcrackers, except for the Queen, so I love this ballerina very much
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  10. The chef always makes me giggle.
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  11. I think this was also a present from the troop leader (who was also my mom's friend). Maybe from an aunt though?
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  12. I have no recollection of where he came from but look how handsome he is
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  13. Ditto this guy. HE GLITTERS.
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  14. He also might be from the Christmas Tree Store? Not sure. Feels very post-9/11 though.
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  15. The newest one! My little brother got me this when he went to the Czech Republic in April. It was very kind.
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  16. And then this guy, who is really a ceramic nutcracker I painted. My mom LOVES painting ceramics and is very good at it. I am not.
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  17. And then this guy, who is awkwardly shorter then the others, I TECHNICALLY bought for my brother a couple years ago, but it lives with mine so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  18. BONUS: mini guy. So cute.
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  19. UPDATE: my brother got me a Darth Vader Nutcracker!
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  20. New one!!