Spoiler free, I promise
  1. Han Solo is old but still kind of hot which made me feel a little weird but like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ can't deny the truth
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  2. Finn is so fucking cute wow I love him so much
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  3. Poe Dameron is a babe
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    Dumb name tho
  4. I sort of think Adam Driver is hotter as Kylo Ren than he is on GIRLS oops?
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  5. Bill Weasley is normally so cute and he looks so weird in this movie, very disappointed. Though I guess I shouldn't find evil guys hot.
    I can't find a picture of this but believe me guys
  6. I'm afraid that anything I say about Luke will be construed as a spoiler oops
  7. Chewie remains 😏
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