Besides me of course 😎
  1. Gina Rodriguez
    Definition of an IT girl right now. Taylor and Gina would be too cute together.
  2. Sasheer Zamata
    Taylor's squad needs more funny ladies! Sasheer is right on the cusp of "gonna be a thing"-ness. Also could you imagine Taylor sneaking into UCB east to see her friend in action?
  3. Pippa Middleton
    Forget maybe dating Prince Harry — this is how Pippa could get people to really pay attention to her.
  4. Lena Dunham seems to have the "old wise mentor" position in this crew, but honestly they need someone with more wisdom and sass. ALSO Mindy would write about it in her next book.
  5. Daisy Ridley
    Honestly Taylor is probably already on this, right? I imagine Taylor's sending her a gorgeous engraved invite to her Christmas shindig. And Daisy brings John Boyega as her date 😍
  6. Lin Manuel Miranda
    Honestly the Internet would probably fucking explode.
  7. Nat Wolff
    Could you imagine them making cookies and singing acoustic covers together because I CAN.
  8. Maybe they should all just hang out and then Taylor will get jealous and try to invite herself along?
  9. As long as I get an invite.