Inspired by @crackdkettle and her discussion questions
  1. Where did the kids learn to read if there's no wizard school before they're 11?
  2. Am I supposed to believe Mrs. Weasley had time to teach her kids math?
  3. Why are there no liberal arts classes at Hogwarts?
  4. Like, there's no wizard literature, or poems? Where did the writers of the Daily Prophet learn to write?
    Maybe if Hogwarts had a journalism class Rita Skeeter wouldn't exist.
  5. There's no philosophy of magic? Or ethics of magic?
    Maybe if they read Aristotle they wouldn't have Death Eaters. Or if they read Muggle writers everyone would hate Muggles less!
  6. No one has studied the science of magic? The physics of magic? Instead they have to learn about grass?
  7. Who decided that 11 year olds should have a purely technical education?!
  8. Do we really think sorting children based on their "main characteristic" is a good idea?
    The House system is really a nightmare.
  9. What jobs can you have in wizard society besides Ministry employee, person who owns a store, healer, and teacher?
    Apparently there are no novelists!
  10. Are we really supposed to believe they don't want telephones?
  11. Why don't they have wizard scientists! Maybe they could figure out how to use phones with magic if they did!
  12. Quills are really better than pens? Really?
  13. And if they don't have electricity how do they mass produce any wizard things? Like books?
  14. Are any members of the royal family wizards?
    Can I write a sequel where Prince George goes to Hogwarts?
  15. Why are people such dicks to squibs?
  16. What are the immigration laws? Just seems like it would be really complicated with Apparating and Portkeys.
    You'd just got to different countries for shits and giggles.
  17. Is their a wizard UN?
    Like all the ministries of magic get together. If there's a Quidditch World Cup, there has to be a UN, right?