I got the list app just as the baseball season wrapped up SO YOU GUYS DO NOT KNOW THE FUN OF BASEBALL!VICTORIA
  1. America's pastime
    Yes football gets more people to watch but it doesn't feel as American
  2. Dorky outfits
    Much love for this classic 1986 Mets look, which they'll be wearing this year!
  3. For real they are dorky sometimes
  4. Not too fast but not too slow
    People will tell you baseball is slow but they're wrong. It's only slow of you don't know the rules. But it's also slow enough that you can chat with your friends while you watch. DID YOU KNOW that the average football game is 3 hours and 12 minutes, but there's only 11 minutes of action? That's slow.
  5. Fun songs
    Hello not only is there Take Me Out To The Ballgame, but there's "Meet the Mets," which is the best. Link for the uninitiated:
  6. Mascots
    No other sport has as many mascots. Mr. and Mrs. Met, the Phillie Phanatic, the Green Monster, that cute dinosaur the Rockies have — and the president's race at the Nationals!
  7. Hotties
    Baseball players are objectively the best looking athletes.
  8. Good butts
    Yes I did a search for "David Wright Butt," no I don't regret it.
  9. Pitchers
    Badasses who can throws balls faster than I've ever driven my car. (Also hotties)
  10. Funny shirts
    Baseball fans have the best shirts because it's a long season and you gotta come up with something funny to wear.
  11. Outerborough love
    Baseball is the only sport with stadiums in Queens and the Bronx, which are two of the more forgotten boroughs
  12. Old men in baseball hats
    So cute.
  13. Old ladies in baseball hats
    So cute.
  14. Babies in baseball hats
    So cute.
  15. The fact that even if it has a logo for another sport you still call it a baseball hat
    I found this by searching "Jets baseball hat"
  16. David Wright
  17. No hitters
    You would think watching people not hit a ball would be boring. You're wrong.
  18. Grand slams
    So rare. So thrilling.
  19. Very few concussions compared to some sports that shan't be named
    And basically no physical contact that causes brain damage, excepting bizarre accidents.
  20. Bat flips
    The ultimate cap on a badass hit
  21. Umpires are silly
    You're a grown man in khakis and a mask
  22. Minor league baseball is silly
    They use silly themes to get you to come. The Brooklyn Cyclones had a Seinfeld night and it was VERY SILLY.
  23. Everything is silly
    You can't love baseball without a sense of humor
  24. Baseball
  25. Baseball